Forró and Porto, a love story

The emergence of Forró in Porto dates back to the early 2000s. It was on the second floor of an arts and entertainment venue, in a small room in the shade, with an intimate and familiar atmosphere. Artistic and cultural trends were reborn in a city that, for some time, had forgotten its role as a center for the dissemination of cultural activities.

Like any other cultural progress, Forró arrived in Porto to change people’s lives, and it was love at first sight! Every Saturday, forrozeiros would get together to share, laugh and dance to the sounds of Circuladô de Fulô, Falamansa and others. “Forró Universitário” and “Xote” filled the room with contagious emotions and the forrozeiros danced non-stop.

At that time, we didn’t have classes. The Porto forrozeiros danced with their hearts and musicality. They gave themselves to each other and to the music.

Step by step, the curious came along and, together, carried away by the rhythm, they took the first steps towards creating this wonderful community. And so the love grew and the family grew.

Today, there are regular classes for all levels, several parties a week and live shows – not to mention our famous “Forró clandestino” nights at the bandstand in Jardim da Cordoaria or on Passeio das Virtudes.