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Tau e Lina

Tau is originally from Salvador da Bahia, Tau is now living in Berlin. In 2010 he discovered Roots and since then he has focused exclusively on this style. In 2014, he founded the group Forró Class A, a group dedicated to teaching the Forró Roots style, combining movements, musicality, comfort and empathy.

Lina started dancing in 2013 in Aachen but soon moved to Berlin to join Tome Forró Berlin. In her dance, she focuses on connection, comfort and sensitivity in both roles, trying to adapt individually to each style and partner.

Yse Góes

Yse Góes, 31, is a professional dancer for 16 years, a choreographer and a physical education teacher. In 2010, she began to study the roots style, characterized by “sacadas”, among other very characteristic movements.


Mariana Aydar - Forró Band

Mariana Aydar – Forró Band

DJ Sampa

Born and raised in São Paulo, DJ Sampa had his first contact with forró in 97/98. Beginning his career as a DJ in 2001 and making his debut in the world of forró in 2007. Since then he has had an active participation in the world of forró.

Trio Dona Zefa Band

TRIO DONA ZEFA achieved what seemed impossible, to be a trio of forró with the same instruments of all traditional trios, but still be different, with the zabumba of Murilo Ramalho, its vocalist Danilo Ramalho and the exceptional accordion of Milla of the Accordion.


Janayna Pereira is a singer, songwriter, percussionist, actress formed by the School of Art Dramatic. Was at the head of the band Bicho de Pé as vocalist and author of the group’s songs for 18 years. She is in the process of recording his next album, scheduled for June 2019.

Conterrâneos Band

This band is the essence of forró carioca (from Rio). Their instrumental structure consists of zabumba, accordion, triangle, chord and 7 string guitar, following the tradition of the forró pé de serra, without leaving out getting the modernity and the musical plurality of today. The band won the 2nd place at the Itaúnas Festival in 2015 with only 8 months of existence.

Diego Oliveira

With a repertoire chosen very carefully and that has as main characteristic the baião and xote to be danced face to face, his forró is hot and swingy. With the title of Festival de Itaúnas champion, 2 Cds and a DVD, he crosses the world spreading his talent and charisma.

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