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Camila Alves

Portuguese forró teacher, with a great passion for dance, she has travelled around the world teaching forró and sharing her ideas on developing an interesting side of styling and mixed classes, where she encourages women and men to take their exploration of forró to new heights. She is currently based in Lisbon where she teacher regular classes at Espaço Baião.

Vinícius e Isaure

Vinicius Kozan is a forró teacher from Brazil living and teaching in Paris since 2005 where he also created his own school: Forró Intenso. His style is a mix of Forró Universitário and Roots. After living in a lot of european cities, he decided to stay in Paris and created his own school : Forró Intenso. Isaure Lapierre started dancing Forró in 2013 and she and Vinícious soon became dance partners. She is now a teacher at Forró Itenso.

Enrique Matos

Enrique Matos was born in Conceição do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais where soon forró became his life. While growing up, he became even more fascinated by the history and culture of forró. His passion for spreading the love of forró around the world, brought him to Lisbon where he created Espaço Baião. He is part of the band Luso Baião, dj and producer of the biggest Forró Festivals in Europe: Baião in Lisboa.

Michel e Catarina

Straight out of Rio de Janeiro, Michel Rodrigues brings us a taste of the traditional Samba de Gafieira from the school of Jaime Arôxa. Together with his partner Catarina Oliveira, Portuguese from birth but carioca at heart, they came from Rio last year and are now based in Porto teaching Samba. They are passionate for dancing, the Brazilian culture and eager to pass it along to all of those who love to dance.

Ricardo Ambrózio

Brazilian choreographer and professional dancer, Ricardo met forró in 1999. Curious and enchanted, he dedicated 5 years to practice, research and taking classes of different Forró styles. Having danced hip-hop, capoeira, ballroom dance, ballet, jazz and contemporary, he used this wide variety of dances into analyzing and building up his own style, bringing together different styles of forró. He developed his own project and methodology: Forró Calango, in Brussels.

Marília Cervi

After 10 years of professional experience with forró, she believes it is one of the dances that most allow the expression of one’s individuality and creativity, as well as the movement, essence and charm of women. For this reason, she is investing on the development of the follower’s skills. She is currently living in Lyon and is an active member and a teacher at “Forró em Lyon” community.

Miguel Bezerra

From Rio de Janeiro, cultivated at the dance schools of Jaime Arôxa e Jimmy de Oliveira, he is currently on his 4th tour in Europe. In 2017 he created and implemented the method New Roots, on which he based the whole structure of his teaching. It is when he also created the Project Forró ForAll, a non-profit social project which hosted more than 2000 students during 1 year.

Tiago e Joana

Tiago Martins is a forró teacher, dj and producer of the 1st Forró Festival in Porto; the Forró Douro Festival. Joana Ilhão, a ballet dancer in her youth and lindy hop enthusiast, started learning forró with Tiago in 2014 when they soon became dancing partners. Together, they teach regular classes of different levels in Porto, give forró workshops around Europe and both work for the Forró Douro Festival.

Rita e Sérgio

Sérgio Viana and Rita Morais, from the north of Portugal, have been in the dancing world for 8 years. They  first fell in love with forró in 2013, learning from several teachers, focusing on both dancing and teaching methods. Teaching in Lausanne for 3 years, their mix of an analytic eye and fun attitude creates an engaging learning space.


Forró Bamba

Based in London, United Kingdom

Forró de Ka

Based in Karlsruhe, Germany

DJ Enrique Matos

Based in Lisbon, Portugal

DJ Pastel

Based in Porto, Portugal

Luso Baião

Based in Lisbon, Portugal

Trio Alvorada

Based in São Paulo, Brasil


Based in Porto, Portugal

DJ Dufole

Based in Lisbon, Portugal


Based in Porto, Portugal

Fabiano Santana

Based in Cologne, Germany

DJ Tiago Martins

Based in Porto, Portugal

DJ Swingueiro

Based in Lisbon, Portugal / São Paulo, Brasil


Armazem 22

Hard Club

Herança Magna
Herança Magna

Herança Magna


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