Armazém 22

Lili was born in France and began to dance forró in 2017. She already had bases of ballet, samba no pé, and played music since she was a child. She learnt to dance forró in Toulouse where she lives.
She went to Brazil and developed her dance, learning mainly from Mardio Costa, Milena Morais and Icaro Abreu, her main sources of inspiration.

Her style mixes the forró roots technique and a full presence, focused on connection, authenticity, liberty, creativity and musicality as a leader and as a follower. For her, forró is also a care tool, and a way to achieve better self-knowledge and body awareness.

Create surprise in paulista turn

You like the paulista turn but you always do it the same way, as a leader or as a follower ? This workshop will help you to rediscover the paulista turn, by creating some turns more connected to the music and to your partner. In this class, both leaders and followers will have opportunities to express themselves, both learning to listen and suggest. 

REQUIREMENTS:  paulista turn.

Carioca sequence

We will work on several possibilities of turn, from the most simple to the more roots one : the famous giro paulista ! And put all of them together in a simple sequence, directly from Rio de Janeiro. 

REQUIREMENTS: simple turn, inverted turn of the leader, notion of 5 steps figures.

Bases with sentiment

Let ‘s experiment forró dances based on connexion, feeling and sentiment. The aim of this class is to try new ways of communication as a leader and as a follower, learning new basing steps and using them in a fluid way in your dance. After that, you will be able to diversify your steps and feel more free to improvise!

REQUIREMENTS: basic step, opening basic step.

Creativity and communication in the caminhada

Let’s create from a simple step that you already know : the caminhada. Caminhada offers many variations and opportunities to invent. In this workshop, we will share together our ideas about it, and I will help you to communicate clearly about them in the dance, as a leader and as a follower.

REQUIREMENTS: simple caminhada.