Europe is a neighbourhood! Travelling from one country to another can be surprisingly inexpensive if you know how to look for air tickets.
Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and its increasing movement and tourism in the past years has led to its connection with dozens of european destinations; something that makes it super easy for the forró communities to get in touch and get to know each other. Especially ever since low cost companies (like Ryanair,Easyjet, Wizz, Transavia etc) stepped in the game with such cheap fares!

Forró Douro Festival - Partners dancing in the River Douro

Here are just some examples of direct and cheap connections to Porto:

  • From Germany: Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf
  • From France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Lille
  • From Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia
  • From Italy: Rome, Milan, Naples
  • From Belgium: Brussels
  • From the UK: London
  • From Switzerland: Geneva, Basel
  • From Ireland: Dublin
  • From the Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • From Denmark: Copenhagen
  • From Portugal: Lisbon

Even if there is no low-cost direct flight from a city near you to Porto there are some smart tricks you can use to discover the easiest way to travel here:

  • You choose the destination and this platform automatically calculates the cheapest combination of Ryanair flights that you can use to get there. Pro tip: you have to login (either register or login from your facebook profile) in order to see the prices, otherwise it will only show you the flight combinations.


Armazem 22


Address: Rua de Guilherme Braga 38, 4400-174 Vila Nova de Gaia
view on google maps

Bus: 900
(Stop: Sandeman Cellars – Caves) from the center (Trindade-Aliados), + 3 minute walk to the workshops
view timetable

Nearest Metro Station:
Jardim do Morro
(Yellow Line) + 10 minute walk to the workshops

Forró Douro Porto dancing shoes party festival

Herança Magna


Address: Rua de Serpa Pinto 239, 4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia
view on google maps

Buses: 901 , 906
(Stop: Via Rosa Mata) + 2 minute walk to the venue
view timetables: 901, 906

Nearest Metro Station:
General Torres
(Yellow line) + 20 minute walk to the venue

Party Porto - Forró Douro Festival
  • Tickets: 1,20€ single ticket with the blue (Andante) card
  • On board (bus): 1,85€ single trip

We advise that you buy the blue card at any metro station (cost is 50 cents) and charge it with several trips. Like this you only need to validate your ticket once on board. You can only have one zone per card. Calculate the type of zone, depending your accommodation and final destination. You can do it looking at any metro map at any metro station.

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