The Forró Douro Festival takes place on the Ribeira in Porto and Gaia, in one of Porto’s most iconic landscapes and just a few minutes from its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Alfândega do Porto

The Alfândega do Porto is one of Oporto’s most iconic buildings.
Inaugurated in 1869, it was initially used to facilitate the transportation of goods and a ground floor link was even built between it and Campanhã station.
In the 1990s it was renovated to create a Congress Center, museums and to preserve the building.
Nowadays it is a reference venue for large-scale events ranging from lectures to electronic music events.

Armazém 22

Armazém 22 was born out of a partnership between Kale Companhia de Dança and Gaia City Council with the aim of creating a place that could not only house the company but also serve as a dynamic space for dance, theater and music performances in the historic center of Vila Nova de Gaia.
Created in 2015, Armazém 22, in addition to its didactic part as a dance school, has been developing a continuous program and has already hosted artists such as Clã, ESMAE’s Baroque Orchestra, Las Çarandas and companies such as Esquiva – Companhia de Dança and Teatro da Palmilha Dentada, among others.

On the first day of the festival there will also be an event open to the public at the Mercado do Bolhão, in the center of Porto. The Mercado do Bolhão is an ex libris of the city: an emblematic building, municipal heritage and a monument of public interest, which preserves the memories and stories of the great market, which pulses in the heart of the city, of the people of Porto and of those who visit it.

How to get there

  • Metro Line E (lilac)
    (Airport —> Trindade) (27 min)
  • Metro Line D (yellow)
    (Hospital de S. João —> Sto. Ovídeo,  S. Bento stop) (3min)
  • STCP Bus 500 (ALFG1 stop) or walk for 18min
  • STCP Bus 901 (TRD4) – GNR Stop (12min)
  • Walk for 6min
  • Nearest metro station: Jardim do Morro (Yellow Line) + 10 minutes walk to the venue

  • STCP Bus 900 (Direction Sto Ovídio)
    6 stops till GNR and then 5min walking
  • Walk for 30 min.


  • €1.30 single ticket with blue card (Andante)
  • On board (bus): 2,50€ single ride
  • We advise you to buy the blue card at any metro station (the cost is €0.60) and top it up with a few journeys. This way, you’ll only need to validate your ticket once on board. A card only allows one type of zone (Z2, Z3, Z4, etc.) so you should calculate which type of zone to choose depending on your departure and arrival station.

Alfândega do Porto

Armazém 22


Check-in for the Festival opens at 4pm on Friday, April 19, at the Alfândega.

On Saturday the 20th, check-in is available both at the Alfândega and at the workshops in Armazém 22.

If you arrive on the 18th for Esquenta, you can also check in at that party.

About "Taxi Drivers"

We’ll have teachers identified with this t-shirt…

The Taxi Driver should contribute to a positive festival environment by creating a sense of community, strengthening connections, and ensuring that all participants feel included, supported and respected.



  • Welcoming participants:
    Create a friendly and welcoming environment for participants, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and included.
  • Facilitating connections:
    Encourage participants to interact with each other and create a sense of community and inclusivity in the dance. 
  • Model positive behavior:
    Leading by example and demonstrating positive dance behavior can help set the tone for the festival. This includes respecting personal space, being mindful of each other’s comfort, and encouraging everyone to have fun in a safe and respectful way.
  • Give feedback (when receptive)!

Eats and drinks

Armazém 22 has a bar where you can buy drinks and small snacks while taking part in the workshops.

At Alfândega do Porto (the venue for the parties) there is a main bar in the hall where the concerts take place, where you can order any type of drink; and a lounge bar in a second room, which will only serve beer and water and where some snacks will be available to satisfy your hunger and restore your energy.

Where to have lunch / dinner?

Forró Douro has partnered up with the Da Terra restaurant and the Botequim à Brasileira restaurant, which are located in the Beira Rio Market next to Cais de Gaia. Wristband holders get a 15% discount at Da Terra Restaurant and a 10% discount at Botequim à Brasileira (the discount does not include açaí).

For those who have purchased the Samba Douro, this dinner/event takes place at the Alfândega do Porto, on Saturday, April 20, between 8.30pm and 10pm.

Payment methods

There are no electronic payment terminals inside our venues, so all payments will be made in cash.

There are some ATMs near the Warehouse 22 site, and an ATM inside Alfândega do Porto, as you can see on the map on the first page of this manual.


In the Festival’s lounge area at Alfândega do Porto, you can enjoy a therapeutic and/or relaxing massage to help your body recover from several hours of dancing.

Rules and good manners

Armazém 22 is a dance school that hosts our event with great care and attention. It treats the spaces with respect and zeal so that they can return to its students in the best condition.

The Alfândega do Porto is a historic building with its own rules. Shoes with heels that could damage the floor are not allowed.

  • Remember that this is your space and everyone’s, so please keep it clean.
  • Use the tables to put down drinks and the bins for empty glasses, avoiding damage to the floor and keeping the space more pleasant for everyone.
  • Respect the dance space and don’t leave your belongings around the hall. We have checkrooms to store everything you need.
  • Support our festival by buying our merchandise. Thank you for your help!
  • Smoking is not allowed inside any of the event venues.
  • There are hotels near the Alfândega do Porto venue. Respect those who are resting and avoid problems for the festival by reducing the noise outside at night.
  • We want Forró Douro to be a safe and happy space and we do not tolerate any kind of violence or abuse. If you see or are the target of any inappropriate or abusive attitude/behavior, please report it to a member of our team.

Insurance for participants and event

All participants are covered by accident insurance for any eventuality that may occur during the festival activities. If you need to activate the insurance, please contact a member of staff.

First aid

Our venues are equipped with first aid equipment.

What to visit in Porto when you're not at the festival

Porto is a magical city, where you can watch the sunset where the river and the sea meet. There are plenty of terraces, beaches, parks and, of course, lots of Forró!

The Clérigos Tower, the D. Luís Bridge, the WOW, the Crystal Palace Gardens, the Port Wine Cellars, the Porto Cathedral and the Morro Garden. There’s no shortage of options to complete your stay with us!


Q: What kind of tickets are there and what do they include?

A: There are 2 types of tickets for Forró Douro Festival: The Full Pass ticket that gives access to all classes and parties (DJ sets and shows), both afternoon and evening, and all the days (April 19th to 21th). The Party Pass ticket gives access to all the parties of the festival (afternoon and evening, all 3 days). 

Accommodation, flights, food and any other costs are the responsibility of the participant.

Q: What is the price of the tickets?

A: You can check the price of tickets for each category and lot in the “Tickets” area.

Q: I bought a ticket but will no longer be able to attend the festival. Can I get my money back? What should I do

A: The price of the Forró Douro Festival ticket is non-refundable, but can be transferred/sold to another person. You can do this through the ticket sales platform by following the steps described below.

O Forró Douro não se responsabiliza pelas possíveis trocas entre participantes.

Q: Are the tickets unlimited?

A: No! Each lot has a limited number of tickets for sale, as well as specific release dates. Once the tickets in a lot or a category are sold out, we will move on to the next lot.

Q: Where can I find information about the addresses of the festival venues, parties, and classes?

A: Stay tuned to our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) as well as our website, all information will be posted there.

Q: I want to attend the festival but all the tickets are sold out! What can I do?

A: You can try to find out if anyone is interested in giving up/selling their ticket. You can do this by asking on our official event, on the various facebook groups or simply directly with your friends.

Q: I bought my ticket online but haven't received a response yet. What now?

A: In this case, check your “Spam” folder, the email might be there. If you can’t find the e-mail, please send an e-mail to as soon as possible. When filling out the information in the ticketing platform, please check that the email address is correct as this is the only way we will be able to contact you!

Q: Can I book my ticket online and pay at the door?

A: No. At the time of registration you can pay by MbWay or credit card. Once you have made your payment you will receive your ticket via email.

Q: I want to give a ticket to my friend! How can I do that?

A: You can follow the normal process for buying a ticket, and enter your friend’s name and data. (Nice gesture,btw)

Q: Can I buy a ticket for only one day of the festival/1 class/1 party?

A: The only ticket types online are Full/Party Pass tickets. Classes can only be attended by Full Pass and no classes can be purchased individually. You can buy a day ticket, which gives you access to all the parties of that same day. Daily tickets are limited to the capacity of the party space. 

Q: How can I guarantee my entrance to the parties?

A: The only way to guarantee admission to the parties is to purchase any of the Full/Party Pass tickets. Daily tickets for each day will be subject to availability.