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There are 2 types of tickets for Forró Douro Festival: The Full Pass ticket that gives access to all classes and parties (DJ sets and shows), both afternoon and evening, and all the days of the festival (April 28th to 30th). The Party Pass ticket gives access to all the parties of the festival (afternoon and evening, all 3 days of the festival). 

You also have one ticket for an extra event: your traditional Douro Dinner, on April 29th, a special moment of celebration among the participants, the teachers, the musicians and all the festival staff. 

Accommodation, flights, food and any other costs are the responsibility of the participant.

You can check the price of tickets for each category and lot in the “Tickets” area.

The value of the ticket for Forró Douro Festival is non-refundable but it can be transferred/sold to another person. We only need you to send an email to info@forrodouro.com requesting the change of the ticket to another person. Forró Douro is not responsible for possible exchanges between participants.

Important note: The exchange is only valid if requested by the person who wants to sell the ticket.

No! Each lot has a limited number of tickets for sale, as well as specific release dates. Once the tickets in a lot or a category are sold out, we will move on to the next lot.

Stay tuned to our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) as well as our website, all information will be posted there.

You can try to find out if anyone is interested in giving up/selling their ticket. You can do this by asking on the WhatsApp group we’ve created or simply directly with your friends.

Whoever sells you the ticket will have to send us an email with your knowledge of the sale information so that it is possible to update our database with your information. Only then is the exchange validated.

In this case, check your “Spam” folder, the email might be there  (it will come from admira@b6.pt, our ticketing platform). If you can’t find the e-mail, please send an e-mail to info@forrodouro.com as soon as possible. When filling out the information in the ticketing platform, please check that the email address is correct as this is the only way we will be able to contact you!

No. At the time of registration you can pay by MbWay, PayPal or credit card. Once you have made your payment you will receive your ticket via email.

You can follow the normal process for buying a ticket, and enter your friend’s name and data. (Nice gesture, btw 😉 )

The only ticket types online are Full/Party Pass tickets. Classes can only be attended by Full Pass and no classes can be purchased individually. You can buy a day ticket, which gives you access to all the parties of that same day. Daily tickets are limited to the capacity of the party space.

The only way to guarantee admission to the parties is to purchase any of the Full/Party Pass tickets. Daily tickets for each day will be subject to availability.

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