DJ Marinês

Alfândega do Porto

Maria Inês, Portuguese, has always been fascinated by the world of music and sharing it.

She always loved to listen to music (different genres) and share it with her friends. Without realizing, she always ended up being responsible for choosing the music for the dinners/parties.

She discovered Northeast Brazil’s culture through Forró dance in Lisbon in a Forró da Avenida party.Since then she has grown as a Forro dancer and also to be inspired by Northeast music. Traditional Forro Roots from the 70′ decade is her favorite, with funk influences.

Currently living in Torino (Italy), she is the resident DJ and also integrates the Forro di Torino group/association.

Marinês will make you dream and dance to the rhythm of forró, samba, coco, arrastapé and other Brazilian rhythms.

Come and meet her!