Alfândega do Porto

Dj Caciassa is an Italian with a Brazilian soul.
In 2016 he became interested in Forró pé de serra, first as a dancer and then as a DJ. He has collaborated with “Forró Roma” and the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, promoting and taking part in cultural events to promote Forró.
A lover of the roots style, he enjoys the classics of pé de serra, but is open-minded to new styles such as samba, funk and electronica.
In 2023 he was honored to be the first international DJ to be invited to play on stage at Fenfit, the world’s biggest Forró festival. He has been invited by some of the best-known DJs on the Brazilian circuit (Vhinny, Dioh, Messias, Xeleleu, Baile dos Ratos, Coletivo Bicho Grilo, Quinta do Baião) to play in the biggest forró houses.