DEDÉ e Connie

Armazém 22

Forró has always been an integral part of Dedé’s life since childhood. In 2016, he rediscovered his passion for forró in Kaiserslautern, where he embarked on a journey of teaching and community building. 

Dedé is known for his distinctive teaching style: intense, passionate and highly structured. He is currently actively involved in building the forró community in Frankfurt with Let’s Forró. 

Since Connie took her first class in 2018, forró has become an integral and transformative part of her life. After successfully completing the forró teacher training program in 2020, she has become a vital member of the Let’s Forró teaching team. Connie is dedicated to continually expanding her knowledge and skills to pass on the joy of forró and the art of dance.

A dancing dialogue

Step into a world of collaborative expression as we empower followers with autonomy and encourage leaders to be perceptive and responsive. Through guided exercises, participants will learn to communicate effectively on the dance floor, exchanging and co-creating ideas. Whether you’re leading or following, this workshop will enhance your ability to engage in a meaningful dance dialogue, fostering trust, creativity, and connection.

REQUIREMENTS: Being comfortable with basic steps and turns. Ability to keep rhythm.

Playing with Cruzadinha

Cruzadinha is a mutual footwork figure that unlocks endless possibilities for expression and variation. In this session, participants will learn the fundamentals of cruzadinha and explore creative ways to embellish and adapt the figure to suit their own unique style. From intricate footwork to fluid transitions, this workshop will inspire dancers to push the boundaries of creativity and embrace the joy of playful experimentation.

REQUIREMENTS: Understanding the structure of music (beats, rhythm). Good control of axis, balance and weight. Good connection to partner.

Connecting foot-catchings to the music

Explore the dynamic relationship between movement and music as we delve into the concept of counterbalance through foot-catching figures. In this hands-on session, participants will learn how to accentuate key moments in the music using foot-catching techniques, which will enhance the understanding of balance, and improve connection to the partner.

REQUIREMENTS: Understanding the structure of music (beats, rhythm). Advanced control of axis, balance and weight. Ability to properly hold frame.