Laura Almeida e Cesar

Workshops Workshop Armazém 22 Laura Almeida is from Belo Horizonte, MG. Her first contact with PD was at the London unit. After 6 years in England and missing Brazil, she sought out forró to feel closer to home. At the end of 2019, Laura was invited to join the PD London teaching team. She does […]

Diandra Souza

Workshops Workshop Armazém 22 Diandra is a Brazilian universitário-style forró teacher who started taking classes at Pé Descalço, in Belo Horizonte in 2010 and hasn’t stopped dancing since. She became a teacher at Pé Descalço in 2012 and, seeking further development in dance, began taking classes in other musical styles. Over the last 12 years, […]

Ian Martinelle

Workshops Workshop Armazém 22 Ian Martinelle, a dancer for over 10 years, has specialized in forró and is still pursuing anunderstanding of the culture and this dance, which he considers to be extremely rich. With a rootsstyle that mixes elements of other dances, Ian has been studying traditional popular forró and itsroots in order to […]

ARTHUR Lorenzo

Workshops Workshop Armazém 22 Arthur Lorenzo is a talented and passionate dancer, teacher, and choreographer of forró.Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Arthur discovered his love for forró dance at the age of 14 when he participated in a social event at his school, Pé Descalço.Since then, Arthur has dedicated his life to learning and teaching […]

Camila ALVES

Workshops Workshop Camila ALVES Armazém 22 Camila Alves, born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal, emerged from a rich dance heritage, cultivated by her Brazilian capoeirista father and Cape Verdean dancer mother. Her lifelong dance journey began early, nurtured by her mother’s guidance, leading her through various artistic expressions, festivals, and classes. A dance enthusiast since […]

PAMELA Barrón e Victinho MAIA

Workshops Workshop PAMELA Barrón e Victinho MAIA Armazém 22 Pamela Barrón is a civil servant, dance teacher and trained administrator. Victor Maia is an entrepreneur, owner of the “Lá na Dança” dance school, event producer, dance teacher and publicist. Together they collect choreographic works, have regular classes in Brasília and teach workshops at festivals in […]

DEDÉ e Connie

Workshops Workshop DEDÉ e Connie Armazém 22 Forró has always been an integral part of Dedé’s life since childhood. In 2016, he rediscovered his passion for forró in Kaiserslautern, where he embarked on a journey of teaching and community building.  Dedé is known for his distinctive teaching style: intense, passionate and highly structured. He is […]


Workshops Workshop Matheus ANTUNES Armazém 22 Born in BH – Brazil, is an forró teacher and founder of the Balaio Berlin – a dance studio in Germany. His forró journey began in 2012, first learning Universitário, then Roots. In his classes you will learn not only moves, but also dance fundamentals and other important topics […]

AYO Barbosa

Workshops Workshop AYO Barbosa Armazém 22 Ayo Barbosa has been a teacher, dancer, choreographer and producer for 22 years.His passion for dance has led him to expand his career internationally, taking part in festivals and events in more than 15 countries.Ayo currently produces the Miudinho Festival in Berlin, an event dedicated to promoting Brazilian forró […]