AYO Barbosa

Armazém 22

Ayo Barbosa has been a teacher, dancer, choreographer and producer for 22 years.
His passion for dance has led him to expand his career internationally, taking part in festivals and events in more than 15 countries.
Ayo currently produces the Miudinho Festival in Berlin, an event dedicated to promoting Brazilian forró dance in Europe.

Double Inverted Sacada

Based on the traditional sacada, this movement features an inverted weight transfer, occurring on offbeats.

REQUIREMENTS: Simple sacada on offbeat / awareness of space / and balance

Staccato Turn

Staccato turn with doubled timing, exploring the time of action and reaction, ending in an ‘S’ cross.

REQUIREMENTS: Traditional staccato / Weight transfer / Doubled timing


Let’s explore the difference between beat and offbeat with step variations.


Minas turn

A walking turn that finishes in a sacada led in three beats, combining the characteristic spinning movement of Belo Horizonte dancers with the sacada.

REQUIREMENTS: Sense of balance, Awareness of space, sense of musicality.